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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Rocky River Updates


James Umerley


There will be construction work on Linden Road over the weekend (August 20th and 21st) - pavement markings will be painted and grass restoration will be completed. Two-way traffic will resume on Linden Road on Monday, August 22nd.

Paving on Devon Hill and Country Club Boulevard is complete and street sweeping will clean up loose stone and asphalt next week. Morewood Parkway's paving will continue on Monday, August 22nd, as weather permits from Lake Road to the railroad tracks. (Paving will be concluded on Monday and the street sweeper will clean Morewood Parkway next week also.)

During the week of August 22nd Tonawanda street repairs / paving will begin as weather permits. There will be extensive concrete and paving work required between Hilliard and Pocono – accessible traffic lanes will be reduced – please expect delays or use West Asplin temporarily for access to the neighborhood.

After the paving on Tonawanda has been completed, paving will begin on Northview, from Detroit to Hilliard (not on the I-90 bridge).  Northview will remain open to traffic during paving but there may be delays traveling around paving equipment.

Construction on Avalon Drive continues with concrete being poured from Elmwood to Wagar Road – when the road concrete is completed - then driveway aprons will be installed in that construction area as weather allows. Street construction west of Wagar will follow immediately after those driveway aprons are completed.

Water main line cleaning and relining continues on Lakeview between Hilliard and Center Ridge and is progressing well. The Hampton water main line between Hilliard and Center Ridge will also be cleaned and relined immediately following the completion of the water line work on Lakeview.

Water line replacement continues on Wooster Road and is progressing on schedule. The one-way detour northbound will remain in place for the duration of the project. This project is anticipated to continue into early October.

Thank you for your ongoing patience as we continue to make important infrastructure improvements for our community.