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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Rocky River Updates

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - Friday, August 26, 2016

James Umerley


Water line replacement continues on Wooster Road between Hilliard and Center Ridge – having the one-way north-bound traffic only detour has offered the contractor the ability to be ahead of schedule. The contractor has requested to continue the construction of the new water main from Detroit towards Shoreland this summer. Originally, the plans were to begin work from Detroit to Mitchell in the spring of 2017. The City has approved this request and they will begin installing the one-way traffic and detour signs on Monday. As soon as the contractor is ready for work and the detour zone is fully in place, traffic will be detoured – northbound only from Center Ridge to Detroit Road along Wooster. Thank you for your patience regarding these traffic inconveniences as we continue important infrastructure improvements. Residents along Wooster Road will be receiving additional information next week in this regard.

The City’s paving program is nearing completion. Paving on Tonawanda will begin next week and there will be one-way – southbound traffic on Tonawanda from Hilliard to just south of Pocono due to the considerable scope of road repair work necessary between Hilliard and Pocono. That one-way detour will be in place on Tonawanda from Hilliard to approximate 200’ south of Pocono. The Hilliard Boulevard and Tonawanda road repairs have begun – as soon as they are complete, paving will commence as weather allows.

Once the Tonawanda road repairs are complete – crews will move to Northview between Detroit and Hilliard Blvd. to make some road repairs. These road repairs will not be extensive – two-way traffic will remain in place during that work. Once repairs are complete, paving will begin as weather allows. We anticipate two-way traffic for Northview during this project but caution drivers that delays may be encountered as repairs and paving occurs.

Construction on Avalon Drive continues with concrete installation near completion for the section between Elmwood and Wagar Roads. Paving preparations for the section between Wagar Road and Morewood will continue through the next few weeks as weather allows. Sprinkler repairs will begin to be made in the section between Elmwood and Wagar next week once all sidewalk work is complete.

Water main cleaning and lining continues for Hampton and Lakeview (between Hilliard and Center Ridge). The temporary water lines are in place on Hampton and temporary water service will be tested next week – notices will be issued to Hampton residences to allow for the contractor to enter homes to connect the temporary water service. These personnel will have adequate identification – do not hesitate to ask for photo-identification. Hampton Road residents will be notified about planned periodic water outages by flyer on front doors. In addition, you should have a flyer with emergency contact information for after business hour emergencies. Do not hesitate to contact the City if an outage occurs during working hours at 440-331-0600.