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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Rocky River Updates

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE for September 6, 2016

James Umerley





TONAWANDA:  Pouring concrete on the northbound lane of Tonawanda is scheduled for Wednesday, September 7th, weather permitting.  One-way – southbound traffic only can be accommodated on Tonawanda from Hilliard to just south of Pocono due to the considerable scope of road repair work necessary between Hilliard and Pocono.  While that one side of Tonawanda’s new concrete is curing no traffic can be allowed on the road.  It is anticipated that concrete will be poured on the southbound side of Tonawanda the week of September 12th.  Following that concrete curing – asphalt paving for Tonawanda from Hilliard to Laramie will follow.


NORTHVIEW:  Next week street repairs will begin and a new catch basin for storm water will be installed on Northview.  After these repairs are completed, a new asphalt surface will be installed.  That paving will not require any detours or one-way traffic.  However, please be advised that traffic delays may occur while street repairs and then paving is occurring.


AVALON:  Construction on Avalon Drive continues with preparations for road work between Wagar and Morewood Parkway; road stabilization work will continue through the next few weeks as weather allows.  It is anticipated that concrete installation could begin between Wagar and Morewood during the week of September 26th as weather allows.  Sprinkler repairs will continue to be made in the section between Parkview and Wagar after sidewalk work is completed.  Please be aware that the contractor will be addressing weeds that may be growing in the tree lawns and yards in the near future; however, the existing growth will protect the new top soil from washing away while construction continues.


HAMPTON & LAKEVIEW:  Water main cleaning and lining continues for Hampton and Lakeview (between Hilliard and Center Ridge).  The temporary water lines are in place on Hampton.  Lakeview’s water line is nearing completion and within a few weeks the temporary service may be removed.  Please be aware that Utilicon personnel must have photo-identification before entering your home to remove the temporary water line connection.  Lakeview and Hampton Road residents will be notified about planned periodic water outages by flyer being left on front doors; however, emergency water outages can occur without warning.  In addition, you should have a flyer with emergency contact information for after business hour emergencies.  Do not hesitate to contact the City if an outage occurs during working hours at 440-331-0600.


WOOSTER ROAD:  Good construction weather and the Wooster Road detour for one-way north-bound traffic has placed the contractor ahead of schedule.  The contractor has been granted permission by Cleveland Water and the City to continue the construction of the new water main from Detroit towards Shoreland this summer instead of putting in the one-way detour for four months next year.  Work has commenced at Detroit and is proceeding well.  There are three construction crews working on this project with the goal of completing this project before the end of November.  Even if weather does not allow the project to reach full completion, accepting this accelerated schedule eliminates extensive time for detoured traffic next year.  We urge you to continue to patronize businesses on Wooster Road, Hilliard Boulevard and Center Ridge during this construction.  Please be aware that all side streets are open to Wooster Road to afford easy access to local businesses.


Thank you for your patience regarding these traffic inconveniences as we continue important infrastructure improvements.