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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Government Transparency

The City of Rocky River has a long history of transparency and accountability in reporting the budget and financial position of the City.  The City is pleased to participate in a partnership in the government transparency initiative of Josh Mandel, Treasurer of State.  The City elected to join because of the co-belief with the Treasurer that public officials are accountable to taxpayers for the funds entrusted to them to provide for efficient governmental operations.  Additionally, the City joins with more than 100 cities, counties, townships, villages, school districts and other public entities across the state.    A software system developed by the Treasurer of State allows detailed transactional data to be loaded and then viewed on a publicly accessible website.  See the links below.  This information is already a matter of public record and historically has been available on the City’s website.  Now, using state-of-the-art technology, the data is presented in a way that is accessible and easily understood.


The information provided by the City Finance Department includes:

1)      City of Rocky River:  under the administrative direction of City Council and Mayor serving residents of the City.

2)      Rocky River Municipal Court:  under the administrative direction of the elected judges and clerk of court serving a population of approximately 110,000 within the five-city jurisdiction of the Court.

3)      Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant:  under the administrative direction of the Mayor and a Management Committee serving a population of more than 86,000 within a four-city membership area.

4)      Tri-City Council of Governments:  under the administrative direction of a governing board of the member cities to manage the activities of Tri-City Park.

5)      Safe Air for the Environment (or SAFE) Council of Governments:  under the administrative direction of a governing board of the member cities to manage the activities of SAFE.


Data will be loaded periodically directly from the City to this useful tool that empowers taxpayers to follow their money.


Any questions or comments about the data should be made to Michael A. Thomas, CPA, Director of Finance, City of Rocky River.