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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Rocky River Updates

Announcing the 2014 River Bright Spot Recipients

James Umerley

Announcing the 2014 River Bright Spot Recipients

We hope that these Bright Spots inspire you. We look for more nominations when the program continues in 2015. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination!

Find more information about the group's activities, more Bright Spot details (pictures and a map), and past Bright Spot recipients at:

Community Bright Spot

West River Estates entrance along Spencer Drive

Planted & cared for by Claire & Gary Pildner, coordinated by Tracy Quaiser, and supported by John & Maria Patsue and residents along Sunnyhill Dr.

Residential Bright Spots

19543 Battersea Blvd., Julie & Merrick Murphy

19523 Beach Cliff Blvd., Gina & Jess Wiedemer

20756 Beach Cliff Blvd., Barbara & Ralph Daugstrup

2740 Carmen Dr., Sanie Arifi

3769 Delmar Dr., Colleen & John Brezine

2731 Devon Hill Rd., Jan Gilbert

3727 Kings Mill Run, Judy & Jeff Corbacho

2801 Kingsbury Dr., Mary Boutton & Mike Pavlak

22135 Lake Rd., Thomas Savoca

1938 Lakeview Ave., Louise & Kathy Yarcusko

2618 Lakeview Ave., Terri & Larry Hrovat

19989 Laverne Ave., Mike Betts

944 Morewood Pkwy., Denise & Kevin Cukrowicz

1819 Northview Rd., Sue & Rick Pease

1555 Rockland Rd., Heather & Mark Romanin

19731 Roslyn Dr., Pat Patterson

1719 Southbend Dr., Lisa & Warren George

22320 Sunnyhill Dr., Debra & David Pierce

2716 Tonawanda Dr., Kathy & Ed Shaffer

2346 Valley View Dr., Debbie & Doug Clark

1775 Wagar Rd., Marge & Craig Barner

19340 Westover Ave., Helen & Larry Dumski

Kathryn & Scott Rieg

Ward 1 Recipient #6

The Bright Spot program is a way to recognize residents who spend extra time and effort to enhance their property and Rocky River as a community. It is not a competition. River Bright Spots have lovely gardens, interesting design, and quality maintenance. As in the past, the focus was on front yards and curb appeal so that volunteers did not have to go on private property during the review process. Limited volunteer resources dictated that we had just one public location and one residential category this year, which was single family homes. We look forward to expanding in future years with more members. Please join us!

The Rocky River Beautification Committee's mission is focused on projects and recreational activities that foster community involvement to improve the appearance of the city. The Committee strives to enhance the quality of life in Rocky River. Fundraisers like Light Up River allow the Committee to fund projects like the croquet-themed bike rack in front of the Civic Center and a new project to improve the corner at Detroit Rd. and Erie Ave.