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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Rocky River Updates

Recent burglaries in Rocky River

James Umerley

Recent burglaries in Rocky River

To keep our community safe and informed, we would like to provide an update on residential burglaries in Rocky River.

Since May 1st, the Police Department has investigated six residential burglaries. Of the six, two were likely committed by people known to the resident with keys to the homes. The third was a theft from an unlocked vehicle left in an open garage. The fourth was during the daytime from an unlocked home. And the fifth and sixth were during the daytime and involved forced entry. No residents were injured and no one confronted anyone in their homes.

The burglaries were spread throughout the City and occurred to houses on Story Rd., Parklane Dr., Hilliard Blvd., Beaconsfield Blvd., Lake Rd., and Frazier Dr.,

While even one burglary is too many, this number of burglaries during a three-month period is not higher than normal for our community. For example, last year during the same three-month period, there were ten.

The Rocky River Police Department has a very good record for clearing residential burglaries by arrest. We hope to continue with that success. As importantly, we will continue to work towards crime prevention, both by proactive policing and community involvement and education. Residents can protect themselves and their property by closing and locking doors overnight and while away from the house.

By using your eyes and ears, you become an extension of the Police Department. If you see something that looks suspicious, like someone lurking around the neighborhood, especially in back yards, call police as it is occurring. Do NOT confront the person(s); you may be unnecessarily putting yourself into harm’s way.

If you have questions about this or anything else, you may contact me directly at 440-356-5625.


Kelly J. Stillman, Chief
City of Rocky River
Division of Police