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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Rocky River Updates

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE for October 20, 2017

James Umerley



Thank you for your patience as you travel in Rocky River as the following construction projects are ongoing or planned for the City of Rocky River during the 2017 construction season:


  • PAVING: Asphalt paving for road surfaces has been completed on the following streets: Palmer, Buckingham, Morewood / Erie Alley, Smith Court, Stratford (west of Wagar) High Parkway Erie (west of Elmwood) and Whittlesay Lane Kensington Oval, Wooster Parkway and Orchard Grove Stratford and Elmwood (Lake to Avalon).
  • Stop bar and cross walk will be painted on Parkside (part of the Kensington Oval paving) and at City Hall next week.
  • Next week loop detectors for traffic signals will be installed at the intersections of Wooster Parkway and Center Ridge / Wooster.


The paving at City Hall is complete (two stop bars need to be painted in paving area).  The paper / cardboard / clothing recycling bins have been moved back to the Civic Center parking lot area. The parking lot has been expanded in this area of the parking lot to better accommodate drop off.  Due to your generous paper and cardboard contributions – we anticipate exceeding last year’s grand totals by the end of this month!  These efforts save landfill costs, generate a monetary rebate for the City and are truly environmentally sustainable!  Thank you!


CRACK SEALING for road maintenance has been completed.



The fishing pier at Bradstreet’s Landing has been closed.  An evaluation has commenced to evaluate the pier structure and we are expecting details and recommendations regarding corrective course of action in the upcoming weeks.  At this time the pier will remain closed.   


  • Purnell and Laurel: Water Line Replacement:

It has come to our attention that a sewer repair is required on Laurel between Lakeview and Hampton – that repair will be made during the week of October 23rd.  Please expect traffic delays as work to repair the sewer lines commences in the roadway. The majority of the water replacement work is complete. Restoration of the tree lawns where water connections have been made will begin this year and will be revisited in the spring of 2018 where necessary.

Cleveland Division of Water funded the City’s replacement of water lines (this project requires 2 construction seasons).  The main water line between Lakeview and Hampton on Laurel has been completed.  Water line work on Laurel from Hampton to Wooster and all of Purnell will continue in the spring of 2018 when temperatures allow.  This water line project is developed, specified and funded by the Cleveland Division of Water



  • LAKEVIEW / HAMPTON SEWER REPLACEMENT PROJECT (between Center Ridge and Hilliard )

AS CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES PLEASE EXPECT SOME PERIODIC WATER OUTAGES – sections of water line are being replaced as they are in the direct path of the sewer replacement project.  Thank you for your patience as these outages occur.

One-way detours are in place as follows: Hampton- northbound traffic only; Lakeview southbound traffic from Hilliard to Center Ridge and on Lakeview from Westway to Hilliard -northbound traffic only.  Lakeview / Hampton construction zone residents: please watch for flyers / notifications at your front door from the contractor regarding access to driveways, etc. throughout the construction project.



The City will make a road repair on Hilliard Blvd.– a County controlled street – the first week of November as weather allows. The repair will be made in a section of the westbound lanes – east of the Country Club (Devon Hill) intersection.  Please expect traffic delays in this area of Hilliard Blvd the first week in November.


  • Shoreland / East Shoreland and Wooster Crosswalk / Pedestrian Signal Upgrade: Grant funded improvements for better pedestrian safety.  Anticipated construction start: end of October, 2017.