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21012 Hilliard Boulevard
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

(440) 331-0600

Official website of the City of Rocky River, Ohio, providing community profile, information on local government, safety forces and education.

Rocky River Updates

Master Plan

James Umerley

The information presented at the August 10, 2017 Master Plan Public Meeting along with a survey can be found by clicking on the documents below. If you were unable to attend the meeting, please share your thoughts on the Plan’s core projects and goals by completing the survey.

We look forward to receiving your survey comments.


Display Boards

Draft Policies Document


Public Meeting #1 Results Report

Click image below to read the Master Plan July 2017 Newsletter

Rocky River Master Plan update will strengthen commercial centers, improve walkability, connect neighborhoods, and enhance identity

Click image to visit

Computer Round-up

James Umerley

City of Rocky River and

Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District’s

Computer Round-up AUGUST 21-25, 2017


Place your discarded computers on your tree lawn on your regularly scheduled trash pickup day during the week of August 21 or bring your computers to the Rocky River Service Department at 22401 Lake Rd. (across from Bradstreet’s Landing)


Computer equipment that can be recycled via this program includes CPU’s, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, terminals, modems, cables, software, and ink printer cartridges.

For further information please visit


Questions - call 440-331-0600 for assistance. 

Road repair work on I-90

James Umerley

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has begun road repair work on I-90 in our community from the Rocky River Bridge to the Westlake corporation line. This ODOT road repair work will be completed during the overnight hours. Road repairs begin this Wednesday night (8/9/17) starting at 7:00 p.m. and will require the high speed lane - westbound only - to be closed through Saturday,  In addition, the lane adjacent to the high speed lane will be closed during the night work hours (7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) for westbound traffic.  During those overnight work hours - there will be at least one lane open for westbound traffic.

ODOT's project scope includes road repairs and surface paving of I-90 from Hilliard Bridge to the Westlake corporation line for east and westbound traffic.  The project will continue through October of this year as weather allows.   Specific scheduling of night-time construction work, lane closures and paving progression is weather dependent and will be updated by the ODOT.

Thank you for your patience as this important ODOT road improvement work is completed.

Construction Update!

Cindi Williams


Thank you for your patience as you travel in Rocky River as the following construction projects are ongoing or planned for the City of Rocky River during the 2017 construction season:

·         PAVING: The paving contractor will begin the process of paving next week.  Asphalt paving for road surface only will begin during the month of August on the following streets: 

o   Wooster Parkway

o   Kensington Oval

o   High Parkway (from 18519 High Parkway to East Shoreland)

o   Palmer

o   Stratford

o   Elmwood (from Lake to Avalon)

o   Orchard Grove (to Westmoor)

o   Erie (West from Elmwood through and including Whittlesay Lane)

o   Smith Court (from Ingersoll to South Falmouth / South Kensington)

o   Buckingham

o   City Hall parking lot

o   And concrete repairs on Southbend Circle and Southbend Drive.

Next week, concrete repairs will begin in the City Hall parking lot in front of the Municipal Court. Once those concrete repairs are complete, the asphalt process will begin in the area between the Civic Center and Municipal Court.  During the milling and asphalt paving of the City Hall parking lot, our paper / cardboard bins will be temporarily moved to the Fire Department parking area.  All paving is weather dependent; however, we anticipate paving projects to be completed by the end of September.

·         Lakeview / Hampton Sewer Improvement (between Center Ridge and Westway) Replacing sewers has begun.  The construction near Hilliard and I-90 is nearing completion.  Once the Hilliard Blvd. area sewer construction is complete – crews will move to Lakeview at Westway and construction will move south to Hilliard.  As necessary, one-way detours will be put into place as follows: Hampton- northbound traffic only; Lakeview southbound traffic from Hilliard to Center Ridge and on Lakeview from Westway to Hilliard -northbound traffic only.  Lakeview / Hampton construction zone residents: please watch for flyers / notifications at your front door from the contractor regarding access to driveways, etc. throughout the construction project. 

·         Elmwood (north of the railroad tracks) Kenwood (west of Elmwood) and Parklawn (south of Lake Road)Sewer Grouting Improvements: please expect equipment in the road as contractors will be grouting and sealing joints and connections in the sanitary sewer.  No detours will be necessary and two way traffic will be accommodated; however, there may be traffic delays as equipment will be situated in the streets.  This work will continue through September, 2017.

·         Purnell and Laurel: Water Line Replacement: Cleveland Division of Water will fund the replacement of water lines (this project requires 2 construction seasons). A section of water line on Laurel from Lakeview to Hampton will be replaced this year starting in September, 2017.  The remaining water line on Purnell and Laurel will be replaced in 2018.  This construction will require one-way traffic zones to be put into place in zones as necessary.  This water line project is funded by the Cleveland Division of Water and will be managed by the City of Rocky River. 

·         Shoreland / East Shoreland and Wooster Crosswalk / Pedestrian Signal Upgrade:  Grant funded improvements for better pedestrian safety.  Anticipated construction start:  Fall, 2017.

Simple Recycling

James Umerley

Dear Rocky River Residents:

     Beginning next week, Simple Recycling will offer new opportunities for all residents of Rocky River to participate in curbside recycling of unwanted items.  This no cost, curbside collection offers everyone additional opportunities to remove items from waste collection and lower our community’s landfill costs.  The City will continue to collect from your backyard the blue bag co-mingled recycling containing appropriate paper, plastics, metal and glass on your scheduled refuse collection day.

     Enclosed are items to help you recycle cloth and related materials with Simple Recycling, a company that collects unwanted items that you do not wish to donate to a charitable organization.  Items that can be collected are clean clothing, sheets, towels, blankets or other materials.  In addition, small appliances, tools, toys and shoes can also be recycled. The enclosed information explains the Simple Recycling process. As in all recycling efforts, eliminating these items from the landfill will save the City landfill fees. In addition, the City will receive a modest rebate from Simple Recycling that will be applied to our Refuse and Recycling efforts.

      Recycling items with Simple Recycling is straightforward:  fill the Simple Recycling bag provided with unwanted items and place the bag on your tree lawn the day of your refuse collection.  An empty replacement bag will be left on your doorstep for your next donation.  Simple Recycling will collect their recycling bags weekly from your tree lawn.  Please use the easy to spot “Simple Recycling” bag which will be easily recognized and collected by Simple Recycling personnel.

      We appreciate all your efforts to recycle and are pleased to offer this convenient opportunity to discard unwanted items and avoid additional landfill costs.  Thank you.


Pamela Bobst
City of Rocky River

Internet Purchase Exchange Locations (IPELs)

James Umerley

We're happy to announce that the Rocky River Police Department has been designated a MeetUp Spot where sales transactions that originate online using apps such as OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist can be securely completed.

In addition to reducing the chance of fraudulent or criminal transactions, Internet Purchase Exchange Locations (IPELs) let buyers and sellers avoid giving personal information, such as home or work addresses, to complete a transaction.

As always, buyers and sellers should only make transactions they are comfortable with. Police will not be screening transactions, but will be available if problems arise. Buyers and sellers are welcome to come into the department lobby for extra security.

Regardless of the meeting place, buyers and sellers should avoid meeting at night but, if they must, should choose a well lit, public location with other people around. Try to bring a family member or friend when completing a transaction, and consider using cash or another form of payment that does not disclose personal financial or identifying information.

Happy Sales!

Summer Crime Prevention

James Umerley

Summer Crime Prevention

The warmer weather that comes with summer often brings opportunistic property crime to Rocky River. Please consider the following tips to help protect your homes and property.

Please lock your house and car doors, even if you’re outside in the back yard or won’t be gone for long. It only takes a minute for a thief to enter an unlocked home or car to take your hard earned property.
Do not leave keys in your car.

Even with locked car doors, don’t leave highly valued or expensive items like mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, purses, coins, or wallets in plain view. They are safest removed from the car and kept in the house. If you must store those items in your car, leave them in the trunk.

Do no leave valuable property unattended or unsecured for even a short time.

Thieves do not like well-lit areas. Motion lights, landscape lighting, or porch lights may deter attempts to get into your home or car.
Security cameras are more affordable than ever. Some notify homeowners when there is activity outside the house, allow you to talk with people at your door without the person knowing you are away from home, and high definition video can provide valuable evidence if a crime occurs.

Call police at 440-331-1234 or, in the case of an emergency, 911, as you observe suspicious behavior or as soon as possible afterward. The Rocky River Police Department has an excellent response time and can often get officers to your neighborhood to investigate suspicious behavior within minutes…IF you call.

Certified Crime Prevention Specialist Patrolman Christopher Camp is available to help residents establish a neighborhood watch program or provide home security information. You can contact Ptl. Camp by email at or 440-799-8212.

Over the last five years, crime in Rocky River has remained low. Reports of burglaries and theft offenses for the same p eriod (March-June) has been consistent from 2013-2017, with a minor decreasing trend. The Rocky River Police work hard to prevent crimes from happening, stopping crimes in progress when possible, and solving crimes that have occurred. If you would like more information about crime data in Rocky River, please contact Public Information Officer Lt. George Lichman at or 440-799-8208.

As always, Police Chief Kelly Stillman is available for any other questions or concerns you may have by email at or telephone at 440-331-1234.

While no crime is acceptable, Rocky River remains a safe community in which to live and work.

Rocky River Police
21012 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

Scam Warning: Residents report receiving a computer generated call for collections

James Umerley

Residents are receiving phone calls from a computer generated message stating they are from a debt collection agency. The number is showing up as a City of Rocky River number. Please be advised that the City of Rocky River will not call you for credit card information over the phone, nor any other government agency. Hang up the line and do not give out any sensitive information. If you find yourself the victim of this or any other such scam you can contact the Police Department at 440-331-1234.

Rules on Open Burning, Recreational Fires and Portable Outdoor Fireplaces

James Umerley

Rules on Open Burning, Recreational Fires and Portable Outdoor Fireplaces

As the weather improves and we shed our winter gear, our Fire Prevention Bureau has important safety information and rules to share with our residents who wish to enjoy outdoor fires.  Questions about these rules should be directed to the Fire Prevention Bureau by calling 440-895-2589.

Recreational Fires

  • Fire must be at least 25 feet from structures and other combustible materials
  • Fuel area may not exceed 3 feet in diameter may not exceed 2 feet in height
  • Only solid fuels are allowed (no rubbish)
  • Dry grass, leaves and other combustibles must be cleared for a minimum of 10 feet around the fire area
  • Any condition which could cause a fire to spread within 25 feet of a structure must be eliminated
  • Fire must be constantly attended by a competent adult
  • A portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating, or alternative means of extinguishment such as a garden hose, must be in place for immediate use
  • In addition, as a respectful neighbor please be mindful of excessive smoke that may be an annoyance to neighbors.


Portable Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Must be at least 15 feet from structures and other combustible materials
  • Only solid fuels are allowed (no rubbish)
  • May be an open design or equipped with a small hearth opening and a short chimney or chimney opening in the top
  • Must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Must be constantly attended by a competent adult
  • A portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating, or alternative means of extinguishment such as a garden hose, must be in place for immediate use.
  • In addition, as a respectful neighbor please be mindful of excessive smoke that may be an annoyance to neighbors.



  • A permit is required for open burning which includes burn barrels, bonfires, beach debris, or fires regulated by the EPA Clean Air Act.


Prohibited Burning

  • The burning of yard waste, rubbish, trash, combustible and non-combustible waste materials is prohibited.


Be alert for gift card scams!

James Umerley

Be alert for gift card scams!

Rocky River and area residents and businesses have recently reported attempted telephone scams involving the purchase of gift cards as payment for non-existent debts.

Generally, a victim will receive a phone call indicating they owe money, often to the IRS, a utility, or to get a relative out of jail. The caller instructs the victim that the debt can only be paid via gift card and must be done immediately. A return phone number is provided to the victim with instructions to get the gift card and call back with the account numbers.

Legitimate creditors will never ask that you pay debts using gift cards. Never provide gift cards or other account numbers or personal identifying information over the phone unless you called the company or utility and are confident you are speaking with a legitimate representative. If you have any doubts, discontinue the call.

If you have been a victim of this type of scam, you should file a report with the Rocky River Police Department or the police department in the jurisdiction where the fraud occurred. In addition, you can report attempted or completed scams to the Federal Trade Commission.

You can learn more about scams at the FTC website.

For full details, view this message on the web.

Information Regarding Sewer Billing

James Umerley

The City recently mailed the quarterly sanitary sewer bills dated June 1, 2017 to Rocky River property owners.  Please watch for the arrival in your mailbox.

The June sewer bill has two components:  
1)    The annual adjustment, if necessary, based on actual water consumption in the 12 month period March 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017.  

Water consumption can vary greatly due to weather, household factors, conservation efforts, accuracy of metering equipment as well as other factors.  You may contact the Division of Water, City of Cleveland with questions at (216) 664-2444.  A portal is also available to view consumption and account information at  

2)    An estimate of sewer charges for the first quarter (March thru May 2017) of the next yearly cycle.

The quarterly estimates for the next yearly cycle are based on actual water consumption information received by the City of Rocky River from the Division of Water, City of Cleveland for the 12 month period March 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017.  

The annual billing cycle is as follows:

For questions concerning sewer billing, please contact Kimberly Waltz, Sewer Charge Administrator or Michael A. Thomas, CPA, Director of Finance (440) 331 – 0600.   Or email to

Fire Hydrant Flushing

James Umerley

April 2017 Hydrant Flushing

The City of Rocky River fire hydrant testing program has begun. Signs will be posted on the main roadway near the streets where hydrants will be flushed. After hydrants are flushed, please run cold water for a few minutes to make sure the water runs clear. It is advised to not run laundry during and immediately after hydrant flushing. If there are any laundry issues that occur during hydrant flushing, please contact the Fire Department (440-331-0600).

Thank you.

Westway Road Closure

James Umerley

Westway Rd. will be closed to east bound traffic between Wagar Rd. and Northview Rd. for sewer upgrades and repairs. The project is expected to be completed by July 8, 2017.

During that time, the Wagar/Westway intersection may be compromised periodically to accomodate the construction. Traffic will be maintained in the area as much as possible, including traffic direction as appropriate.

Detroit Rd. and Hilliard Blvd. are alternate routes for east bound traffic.

It is recommended that motorists avoid the Wagar/Westway intersection during daytime hours to avoid delays and reduce congestion.

Traffic delays are expected. If you see a dangerous situation during this construction, please contact the Rocky River Police Department at 440-331-1234 and press "0" to speak with a police dispatcher or, in the case of an emergency, call 911.

Summer Sunset Concerts

James Umerley

Summer Sunset Concerts

Concerts held on Sundays from 7:00-8:30 PM at City Hall Park Gazebo

* July 16 concert held at Rocky River Park                                      

May 28                                 Rocky River High School Jazz Band                                 

June 4                         Rocky River Community Chorus – Held at the Senior Center

June 18                       Out of Eden/Just One Look – Eagles Tribute/Linda Ronstadt

July 2                           Jersey Beat – Frankie Valli Tribute

July 14 (Friday)           Special River Days Concert - TBA    

*July 16                       Revolution Pie – Beatles Tribute Band – Pie in the Park (free pie)

July 23                         Classic - Music from the 50’s & 60’s

August 6                     GBDB – Rock *Held at Rocky River Park!*

August 13                   Silver Creek- Eclectic Mix – Southern Country, Rock, Blues

August 20                   Rumours Band – A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac – Dog Days (free hotdogs)


  • Concerts are free and open to the public
  • Parking permitted on residential streets from 6 – 9 pm on concert days
  • City Hall Park Gazebo – 21012 Hilliard Blvd.
  • Rocky River Park – 20250 Beachcliff Blvd.
  • Bring a blanket or chair and enjoy the show!


Check for updates on concert locations and a list of 2017 Concert Sponsors.

Performers and locations subject to change.


Are you interested in sponsoring the 2017 Summer Sunset Series?  Sponsorship is a great way to gain exposure in this community and surrounding areas.  For as little as $100 your business or family can become part of these exciting summer events.  In return, you will be recognized on our City website, as well as banners and signs displayed in Rocky River.  Please consider a sponsorship this season for our summer concerts – we have a great line-up in store.  Can we count on YOU?  If interested, call 356-5657 and ask for Jan.

Click here for printable information

Rocky River Meals on Wheels needs your help

James Umerley

Are You Interested in Volunteering in the Community?


                Rocky River Meals on Wheels is in need of volunteers, especially substitutes at this time.  Kitchen help is needed Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Drivers are needed Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to Noon.  Flexible schedules are available.  Meals on Wheels operates out of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 20300 Hilliard Boulevard, delivering up to 300 meals per week to those who find it difficult to purchase or prepare food.  If you can help, please call 440-333-6298 weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  For more information about Rocky River Meals on Wheels visit    Thank you.